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Expat Coaching

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Are you aware of how you can achieve success?

What needs to be done, for you to reach your goals?


Do you wish to work with the integration for you and your family when you are moving abroad to new cultures or coming to Denmark after years abroad, then expat coaching might be the right fit for you. You will get a professional conversation about the challenges that comes with moving from one to another culture, social relations, or job opportunities.


You will receive a list of tools, which can aid you and your family with the challenges you may face in your new situations, as well as a larger understanding of the possibilities and strengths you have, to ensure a good transformation.


The session will either be face-to-face in Copenhagen and West Zealand or via online medias.


  • 1 session - 1 hour introductory conversation

  • Following sessions - 1 hour coaching

Prices: Dkk 500, - per hour on weekdays.

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