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Anne Lene

I believe that we all should have the opportunities to strengthen the awareness of our own lives. Develop our mental processes, so motivation and energy become the focuses. Whether that is through individual or stress coaching, we have the opportunities to make choices, and be aware of listening to our inner voice and move our boundaries.


If you are affected by stress, we will work together to find the root of the stress, find extra mental capacity, priorities you and give you an everyday with more energy.


Are you aware of what your goals are? Why is it important? What needs to be done for YOU to reach it? Or do you sometimes feel like, you can’t reach it, even if you are fighting towards it?


By evolving your self-perception and your way of viewing your surroundings, you can open up to an insight and clarity, which can help you find the correct goals for you and utilize your personal and intellectual competences.


Together we will explore your opportunities, find your motivation and give you new energy, so you can create new results and perform better, both privately and in your workplace. We work with your beliefs, routines, patterns, look at your strengths and weaknesses, explore the rules and stories you have in your life, so that YOU can find a new life full of values that support YOU and the potential to make you stronger.

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  • Studying Narrative Psycho Terapy - Dispuk

  • Stress Coach, Forbyg Stress

  • Examinator Sofie Manning

  • Coach Training, Sofie Manning

  • Business Coach, Sofie Manning

  • Life Coach, Sofie Manning

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